Conference topics

Declared topic of the Conference-2012 is on one hand traditional interdisciplinary and variable to reflect the maximum latitude of possible problems. On the other hand, it focuses on the ecological culture as purpose and result of future generations education and formation, which is particularly important in relation to the Russian education system modernization needs in the context of international strategies.

International scientific-practical Conference “Ecological Culture in the Global World: Russian Education Modernization in the Context of International Strategies” program was developed based on the understanding of Russia's integration into the international community intensity with regard to Sustainable Development International Strategy, the need to combine different countries' efforts in achieving the ecological culture and eco-cultural significance formation between youth and children. The conference is aimed for finding answers to global challenges. Ecological hazards and their effects play the key role in this search, because it touches the fate of each person, the fate of the Planet. That is why the ecological dimension covers all areas of science and practice, technology and culture. There is a need to assess the result of any activity, project, plan by the ecological measures, in terms of this activities' impact onto the Nature. The Threat-Correspondence – is a dilemma of the best solution choice in any interaction with Nature and Environment.

The title of the Conference is easily determined by its structural elements: the international strategy in the field of eco education and sustainable development, ecological culture and ecological competence as a condition of the civilization development, public health protection and promotion, the realization of ecological culture values in Russian education. Consideration of these areas, aspects on the plenary meetings and sections will create a holistic view of the ecological culture formation in Russia and in the whole World.

Organizing committee will be grateful for the dissemination of this letter between experts and potential participants!