Materials of the Conference

The Committee plans to publish conference proceedings as a special issue of the journal prior to the conference. Proceedings will include: materials of plenary lectures and participants' article accepted for publication after peer review.

By the end of the Conference Proceedings will also be published on the conference website.

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For your information: In accordance with the Russian Federation Government Ruling №475 from June 20, 2011 work, published in the proceedings of international conferences and nationwide, are set off by HAC RF thesis. In more detail: Annex to the Resolution of June 20, 2011 № 475 item 10.

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Human Ecology: Health, Culture and Quality of Life, 2011

Ecology, Technology, Culture in the modern world: problems vs. solutions, 2010

Ecological problems of the global world, 2009

Organizing committee will be grateful for the dissemination of this letter between experts and potential participants!