Ecology, Technology, Culture in the modern world: problems vs. solutions, 2010

On October 26-27th 2010 the International conference «Ecology, Technology, Culture in the Modern World: Problems vs. Solutions», organized by Moscow State Humanitarian University after Mikhail Sholokhov with the assistance of the International Academy of Science (Health and Ecology) (IAS) and Russian section of IAS, national news agency «Natural resources of Russia» was held in Moscow.

Welcoming participants of the Conference rector оf M.A.Sholokhov Moscow State University of Humanities, doctor of political sciences Vladimir Nechaev has noticed that the ecology possesses integrative potential, capable to unite natural and humanitarian science, theorists and experts, skilled and beginning researchers. The problem field of the conference is penetrated by idea of a modern technology humanization, biosphere-compatibility of different projects, all activity of the person in nature and a society. It is necessary to use more full potential of most innovative directions in natural sciences – genetics, biotechnologies, bioengineering, to create possibilities of humanitarian knowledge transformation into humanitarian technologies.

President of IAS, professor W.Kofler (Austria) and scientists from 12 countries of Europe, Asia, Latin America, 17 regions of Russia have taken part in conference work. The academic community was presented by scientific research institute of the Russian Academy of Science, the Russian Academy of Education and the Russian Academy of Medical Science, representatives of some universities: the Moscow State University, Russian State Pedagogical University after A.I.Herzen, Moscow Independent Ecological-Political University, Krasnoyarsk, Tyumen, Kazan, Orenburg, Volgograd pedagogical universities etc.

On the basis of M.A.Sholokhov Moscow State Humanitarian University in cooperation of foreign and domestic scientists there is a formation of a platform for social-cultural problems discussion, search of answers for global calls of the present.

Plenary sessions have taken place on October 26th, 2010 in the Library-fund Conference hall «Russian abroad», incorporated session of section sessions and panel discussion have passed next day, on October, 27th in Sholohovsky center MSUH of M.A.Sholokhov.

Offering a theme of present Conference-2010, Its organizers understood all responsibility of connection of so various phenomenon in their relation to environment. Modern technologies carry out expansion, are aggressive in relation to environment. The ecology, culture aspire to limit technics development, to humanize technologies, creating mechanisms of economy development within nature possibilities.

The ecology knows no limit. However each country, each people develop, first of all, within the national ecosystem. Unity of a landscape and ethnos, nature and economy create «national images of the world», unique cultures which are impossible to import or deliver for export. The technology in its ecological measurement is level of territory natural potential harmonization and people’ spiritual riches. Their unification – pledge of any country' prosperity.

In the Problem field of conference it was offered to allocate three mainframes:

  1. Mission of ecological culture in the modern world
  2. Technologies of wildlife management optimization as the development factor
  3. Ecological formation in system of experts-professionals training

The named blocks significantly structured the conference program, have been presented on plenary and section sessions, have designated the basic problems for discussion, have set logic for the total document of conference preparation.

The collection of materials of reports of participants of the International conference «Herald of RS IAS – 2010, special release» is published, in electronic form the collection will be placed on a conference site. Over 1500 users have visited the Conference web-site.

Organizing committee will be grateful for the dissemination of this letter between experts and potential participants!